Megan making bracelets with some of the girls in May

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Keep Hope Alive - Keep BCI Open!

Let's show our continued support for BCI's children, and help them become sustainable

Sitha, Ma and the children of BCI send their gratitude. We all came together this May and saved BCI from the brink of closure, but they are still counting on our support. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to give BCI emergency funding, and thank you to everyone who has sponsored a child for the 2012/2013 school year!

2012 Fundraising Goal

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The children made some beautiful postcards to sell at the night market. What amazing artists!

You can help now by making a secure online donation through PayPal (at the left - or click here). Your donation to Bridges Cambodia International, Inc is 100% tax deductible. BCI is a 501(c) Non-profit organization, and is also officially registered with the Ministry of Interior of Cambodia.

To make BCI sustainable these are our ongoing projects. Please continue your support:

2. Sponsor a child! Take an interest in a child at BCI, and show them you care by sending $30 per month to help pay for their food, and education costs.
(We currently have sponsors for 2012/2013 school year, thank you Janice! If you would like to sponsor a child starting in Oct 2013, please contact

3. BCI is trying to get their garden going to help supply fresh healthy veggies to the kids. We need seeds, healthy top soil, fertilizer and expert gardeners to help them build more planter boxes, plant, and teach them what to do to get their garden growing!

4. Fundraising: If you visit BCI, you can help them sell T-shirts or their handmade postcards to tourists in town. (The handmade postcards were also Margrieta’s idea! Muchas gracias!) Or buy some to take home to friends and show your support for BCI! We welcome any other fundraising ideas.

5. The children don't have a toilet, and could use some improvements to their kitchen. Any volunteers to help put in a toilet or build walls, shelving, countertops and a bigger cooking range for the kitchen?

6. The children eat 500kg of rice each month. So far we have not been able to get Unicef or other aid programs to help fulfill this need. Anyone who has connections to an NGO or aid organization that provides food relief, please appeal to them on behalf of BCI. This $300 of their monthly budget. Let's find a way to get this basic need covered.

7. If you want to send supplies to BCI, they can always use: school uniforms, books, notepads, pens, pencils, shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, basic medicine, etc.
The address is: Tekvil Village,Tekvil Commune, SiemReap, Cambodia.
Name: Toeung Sitha, Telephone No. : +855 97 282 3834 

8. Spread the word! Please share with your friends and family now so we can help these great kids.

9. Volunteer. BCI welcomes volunteers to help the children learn to read, teach English or play a game of soccer. Any special skills are bound to come in handy but you don't need to be an expert in anything- just willing to share your love and life experience.

Thank you for your generous support!


Funding for BCI Orphanage is on the brink of closure, leaving 27 children without secure access to food, shelter and education.

This is an urgent plea for help from BCI Orphanage in Siem Riep, Cambodia. The American donor who has been funding this orphanage since 2007 has fallen ill and is no longer able to support the kids here. As of June 1st, there are zero funds remaining to house and feed these amazing kids. Let's all chip in and show these children that there is love and hope in the world.

It only takes $1000 per month to house and feed and educate these 27 children. Please join me and let's find at least 50 friends and family to help out and save their lives with $20 per month. I was at BCI in May, and am more than happy to answer any questions concerning this dire situation in this little haven voluntarily run by Sitha Toeung and his wife who receive no pay. This is a rare situation of a good family giving all of their time so 100% of any gift goes directly to the kids. There are no administration costs. Every penny we give goes to help a kid in need.

BCI is working hard to try and become self-sustainable, selling t-shirts, mangos from their orchard, planting a vegetable garden and trying to raise chickens and pigs to sell at market. However, there has not been enough time for them to build any income and since Sitha and his wife are the only ones here to watch the children, they are not able to leave the orphanage to pursue other work to support them. They need emergency support to avoid closing down and leaving these children stranded.

Please join me today!

-Megan Holmes,
Studio Fuwafuwa

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For questions please contact Sitha Toeung on Facebook

Orphanage Address: Tekvil Village, Tekvil Commune, Siem Reap City, Cambodia.
Mr. Sitha Toeung, Director of Orphanage Center - Facebook
Tel: 0972823834